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A very close friend of mine named Stephanie told me over lunch that she was recently diagnosed with Lupus. After my initial shock wore off, I confessed that I didn’t know much about Lupus and I asked her what she had learned about Lupus. She immediately began complaining about how difficult it was to find quality, reliable information about Lupus.

Stephanie has a husband and two small children. She just didn’t have the time to spend all day looking at Lupus websites or in the library searching through books trying to educate herself about her disease. Stephanie still had a life to live and she just couldn’t drop everything trying to find answers to her questions about Lupus. Stephanie was very frustrated (almost to the point of tears.)

Stephanie told me that she desperately needed my help finding information about Lupus.

To be honest, I’ve always been good at research. I can find information on just about anything. Not only that, but I can present the results in a way that’s easy to understand and to the point. As a matter of fact, I make my living as a researcher.

Stephanie offered to pay me to uncover everything I could about Lupus and explain it to her in a way that didn’t require a medical degree to understand.

Needless to say, I was flattered by her confidence in my researching abilities, but I couldn’t take her money. I told her that I would do everything I could to help her find out more about Lupus. Stephanie was one of my best friends (and still is) and if she needed my help, I wouldn’t dream of taking her money.

After our lunch meeting, I dove head first into researching Lupus. I visited every website and reviewed every book and magazine on the subject of Lupus that I could find. I even surveyed hundreds of Lupus patients to find out exactly what type of information that they needed about Lupus. It was exhausting.

I spent countless hours uncovering everything
there is to know about Lupus…

When I finished my research, I told Stephanie everything I had learned. She was blown away! She couldn’t believe all of the incredible information that I had found. She said it was exactly what she was looking for.

After reviewing everything that I had found, Stephanie became convinced that there had to be a lot of other people in her situation that had unanswered questions about Lupus too. She suggested that I take what I had learned write a book.

Well, I took her advice…

Lupus Answers: The Complete Guide to Understanding Lupus & How You Can Learn to Live With It

What’s in Lupus Answers? Just check out some of the
powerful (and hard to find) information you’ll find…

  • Find out exactly what Lupus is (and what it isn’t). (page 8)
  • What happens when you have Lupus? (page 9)
  • How does Lupus appear in a person? (page 10)
  • How does Lupus impact people emotionally and how should you deal with it? (page 10)
  • What are the 5 different kinds of Lupus? (page 12)
  • 5 common drugs that can induce Lupus. (page 13)
  • Acute vs. Chronic Lupus – What’s the difference? (page 14)
  • What causes Lupus? (page 16)
  • What genes can make you more susceptible to Lupus? (page 16)
  • Can environmental factors cause lupus? (page 17)
  • 8 drugs that can cause a flare up. (page 17)
  • Concerned that you have drug induced Lupus? Here are 7 characteristics to watch for. (page 17)
  • 3 drugs that can make your Lupus symptoms worse. (page 18)
  • Who is at risk for Lupus? This group of people are 3 times as likely to develop Lupus. (page 19)
  • Can Lupus be inherited? (page 20)
  • 10 triggers that can bring about an acute episode of Lupus. (page 20)
  • How is Lupus diagnosed and why is it so difficult to do? (page 22)
  • 11 criteria for diagnosing systemic Lupus. If you have 4 of them…you may have it. (page 23)
  • How a healthy body fights infections and how it changes when Lupus is present. (page 25)
  • Biology of Lupus – the science behind the disease. (page 26)
  • What Exactly is ANA? (page 27)
  • Learn the 12 telltale signs of Lupus? (page 28)
  • Common diseases that are often confused with Lupus. (page 29)
  • How do doctors differentiate between Lupus and Fibromyalgia? (page 30)
  • What will Lupus do to your skin and how can you reduce its effect? (page 31)
  • Why does Lupus cause joint and muscle pains and how do you reduce the pain? (page 31)
  • This is often one of the most severe complications of Lupus. It’s important to recognize it early. (page 32)
  • Find out how Lupus can affect your nervous system and your mental health? (page 34)
  • Treating mental and central nervous system involvement. (page 35)
  • How does Lupus affect life expectancy? (page 35)
  • How many areas of the body does Lupus affect? (page 36)
  • Is Lupus contagious? Discover the facts. (page 38)
  • Descriptions of common drugs used to treat Lupus and their potential side effects. (page 40)
  • 7 warning signs that a flare up may be coming. (page 43)
  • If you’re looking for a doctor to treat or diagnose Lupus, it’s important you see a doctor with this particular specialty. (page 44)
  • This is the most important factor when working with your doctor to treat Lupus. (page 44)
  • Think you might have Lupus? Here are 16 warning signs. (page 45)
  • 9 tips for living with Lupus. (page 48)
  • Dealing with fatigue and how you can reduce it. (page 50)
  • 10 common Myths and Misconceptions about Lupus – learn the truth. (page 53)
  • Diet and Exercise – discover how much difference they can really make. (page 57)
  • If you’re eating anything with a lot of this ingredient in it, stay away from it! (page 57)
  • How to deal with Lupus during Pregnancy. (page 60)
  • How will your Lupus meds affect your pregnancy? (page 61)
  • Learn about the future trends in Lupus research…what’s next? (page 63)
  • Did you know there are natural and alternative treatment options for Lupus? (page 68)
  • 41 word glossary with all the most common words related to Lupus and what they mean. (page 77)

…and much, much more!

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